June 7, 2010

so it has indeed been a while since i’ve updated this blog…..i have been busy selling all over NoDa.

Here are some awesome things/people that are going on right now:

STITCH MACHINE! She makes brilliant hair accessories.

FARTHING COLLECTIVE! An awesome blog documenting awesome creativity of all shapes and forms! They even featured me! Check em’ out!

PICKLES FARMERS MARKET! Where I will be spending my Saturday mornings selling my goods along side of local fruits and veggies!

Things are going great and I couldn’t be more excited about making goods! Thank you all for your support!


3 Responses to “awesomeness”

  1. I was at the Indie Market tonight and loved your stuff so much and now I look at your blog and see all this other fantastic stuff you’ve made :o)

  2. iderah said

    Hello. Are you still creating those animal pillows? I’m starting a project and would like to talk to you about it and your lavendar filled animal pillows. Hope to hear from you soon. Peace

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