June 7, 2010

so it has indeed been a while since i’ve updated this blog…..i have been busy selling all over NoDa.

Here are some awesome things/people that are going on right now:

STITCH MACHINE! She makes brilliant hair accessories.

FARTHING COLLECTIVE! An awesome blog documenting awesome creativity of all shapes and forms! They even featured me! Check em’ out!

PICKLES FARMERS MARKET! Where I will be spending my Saturday mornings selling my goods along side of local fruits and veggies!

Things are going great and I couldn’t be more excited about making goods! Thank you all for your support!


Rice Filled Eye Pillow

April 19, 2010

Thank you Brandon for the inspiration for this one!
This is an eye pillow filled with rice, heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds, put it anywhere on your body that needs comforting and relax!

For sale on ETSY

Kable and I decided to make a bed frame out of shipping pallets…here are the pallets, after photos to come later…


April 9, 2010

i am attempting to grow plants in glass ornaments, it seems to work really well…

My Army of Owls

April 8, 2010


Couch Pillows

March 30, 2010

I finally got around to making pillows for the couch in our apartment.


March 23, 2010

she sits staring slightly squinting
at the sun shining and striking the sailboat
our sailboat.


March 23, 2010

Antique Linen Goods

March 22, 2010

Kable’s dad received a large box of old hand-embroidered table linens from a very generous lady.